Frequently asked questionS

Cifra can supply both greige and dyed/finished garments.
MOQ: 800 units per style/size.
MCQ: 2000 units per color.
Lower quantities might be evaluated upon surcharge.

The cost of first development varies from € 150 to € 250 (depending on the design complexity) this includes proto till samples’ approval.
It takes about 10/15 days to get the first proto (you can check how it works here).
To speed up the process, proto sample might be 100% finished at CIFRA.

This depends on the quantity and on whether the client requires raw or finished products (dyed, sewed, packed). As an average, please consider about three weeks.
The production is very flexible: the machine can shift from one design to the other in only 5 minutes. CIFRA has a production capacity of 150k tights a day, so we can easily manage big quantities orders.

We can meet any specs without limitation.
Colours can be selected from TCX/TPX Pantone code.

Cifra does not send samples. For new collaboration we can organize a meeting during which we explain our working methodology and show to the client our production. For an appointment please contact us

No, we do B2B. We only sell to companies with their own brand: CIFRA is the name behind the brand.